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123.hp.com/setup - HP Officejet Printer Installation Setup

Officejet Printer's main intention would be to bring you Skilled and Quality functions. 123.hp.com printer is made for business-related jobs with lucrative features for its users. With excellent characteristics like mobile printing, two-sided printing, Hp Officejet Printer Setup is the best addition to work around.

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  • Wireless Printer Driver Setup Support
Problem Fixing

We’re the Group of well-trained techies offering help For the complete Officejet printer installation and 123.Hp.com oj printer problems. We provide one of the straightforward and appropriate steps with an adaptive alternative for all your printer problems.

Repair on time

We know that You’re busy with your job, so we provide You timely service. It’s possible to reach out to quick and flexible options. Not only supplying dependable solutions, but we also force you to comprehend that the printer better.

Procedure Finished

We’ve got a high success rate in repairing the situation. Fulfilling The client requirements is our aim, and we strive to supply the most excellent service for 123.hp.com/setup Officejet Printers. Our grade team will work for the anticipation with patience, and our staff will assist you until the issue is fixed.

The Hp Officejet Setup/Install Printer

Remove the packing tapes and materials from outside and within the 123.hp.com/setup printer with additional care.

Link Power And Establish Your Preferences
Use the added power cable and connect 1 end into the back Of the printer along with another term into the power supply.


  • Before adding the ink cartridge at the carriage, eliminate The tape onto the ink cartridge.
  • Add the capsule and protected until they close and click The doorway. The borders of the paper.


Merge Paper Tray to start.

Load a heap of white paper from the primary input and Push it before the newspaper stops. (All publications should be of equal size with no harm ).

Hp Officejet Printer Driver Download and Installation Steps

Installing the drivers to your 123.hp.com printers is Easy once you follow the incremental directions.

Windows and Mac HP Officejet Printer Driver Installation

  • For downloading the printer driver, then you need to have an appropriate Net connection.
  • Open the corresponding page to Pick the compatible.
  • Download the Right driver package from the program and Driver list, which includes all of the jobs which you would like to do in your 123.hp.com/setup Officejet printer.
  • If attached to this printer on the computer.
  • Click Run when you receive the dialog box.
  • And follow the directions displayed on the monitor.
  • Your HP Officejet printer installation is recorded in the printer list.

123hpcom oj Printer ePrint Setup

EPrint is the innovative facility that allows you to publish from any Location on the net. Send an email to an HP printer email address together with the document or photograph attached.

  • Hp.com printer into the active internet connection
  • Have delivered to a printer from your pc, laptop, tablet computer, or smartphone.

Ensure that you switch on the Internet Services option

  • Click the ePrint icon onto the printer’s control panel.
  • Click yes and follow the incremental directions displayed.
  • Publish your print data page and Register for ePrint

Find or find your ePrint email address

  • Decide on the ePrint icon onto the printer home display.
  • Pick Internet Service Settings.
  • Select Display Email Address choice from the listed options.

Mail a record or photograph to the specified email address to Print precisely the same.

  • Write an email with a photo or document attached.
  • The 123.hp.com/setup printer starts to print when the email is received
What's the AirPrint Installation?

AirPrint is designed for Apple users. If you would like to publish a document, the application permits the iOS embedded devices to have connected to the HP printers. AirPrint setup uses the wireless guide, which is regarded as the data transmission one of the apparatus that are mobile.

How to Set Up the AirPrint facility in Officejet Printer models?

You can avail of this facility utilizing either the radio Direct or mode link of WiFi to join the printer along with the apparatus.
Connect the iOS apparatus. You can choose precisely the If your printer version includes a control panel screen, installation wizard from the control panel screen.

Things to do if you face Problems together with your AirPrint?

  • Switch the printer off and turn after a couple minutes to release the static electricity.
  • Make Sure that the printer is on the apparatus wirelessly.
  • Whether there is any firmware updates Assess.
  • Examine the number of papers from the menu.
  • Whether there’s an error message 8, Assess.

Is AirPrint distinct Out of HP Print?

AirPrint Permits You to print photographs or files on your iOS Apparatus into the HP printer. In contrast, HP Printing is an internet-based facility that permits you to publish from any device with facilities.

Cloud Printing Setup with 123HP Officejet Printer

Cloud Printing Permits You to print files storage. To appreciate this service, register a Google account to your printer, which you use. And enroll the printer to the Cloud Publish service.

The way to Enabling Cloud Print?

  • Open the browser and then click the Sign In a choice that Is at the top right corner of this browser.
  • Harness Menu icon from the browser and Choose Settings in the list.
  • A dialog box appears on display, scroll down the Select Show Advance, and options Choice.
  • Google Cloud Printing will Start to discover the printers which Are attached to the network.

Printing a record

  • You can publish a picture or the file saved on the computer, An email or page from your PC.
  • Open the Chrome Browser and register to the Google account.
  • Proceed into Cloud Print and click.
  • Harness Print, choose document upload, and to print the document to be published.

Activating Cloud Print

  • Connect the computer and your printer.
  • Click the browser that is chrome and then sign in to your Google account.
  • Kind chrome: //apparatus and tap input.
  • Cloud Print detects The system.
  • Control panel screen.
  • Once you supported the confirmation page will be published registration.
  • Your printer is ready to utilize the Google Cloud Printing facility.

HP Officejet Printer scan to a computer

  • Install the HP scanning applications.
  • Maintain the paper.
  • Ought to be faced in the Scanner section.
  • Open the HP scan applications which you installed to start the Scanning procedure.
  • Tap on Scan to scan the file in the scanner glass.

How to empower Scan to Computer characteristics (Windows)?

The HP Smart program makes your scanning procedure and Simple. It’s the most program to scan photographs or files.

Windows 8

windows 8
  • Maintain the paper.
  • Grab and install the HP Scan program out of the Microsoft Store.
  • Click Launch is set up.
  • Harness Menu icon and choose Settings.
  • Harness Select choose the 123.hp.com/setup Printer and Device.
  • Click any settings to change.
  • Ultimately, Capture Photo or click on Capture Document alternative.
  • Click Save is finished.

Windows 7

windows 7
  • Scan and download Windows Fax program out of the Microsoft Store.
  • Tap in the Navigation Pane on the Scan button and choose New Scan choice from the toolbar.
  • Alter the choices.
  • Pick the Preview button to review the record scanned.
  • Input the images and filename type and click the Save icon.

Select All Programs, choose HP and tap the folder of Your printer

  • Switch to the computer and then click the Windows icon.
  • A list of choices will be displayed.
  • Pick scanning department and select Scan handle to create Alterations in the settings.