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HP Officejet 6500 printer installation setup series gives a developed wireless network interface that is ideal for little and business users. The newest web printing technology is considered to be one of the included advantages which is also pocket-friendly.

Both-sided printing is considered to be another main characteristic of the HP OfficeJet printer along with their air print setup, Automatic Document feeder, and Monthly duty cycle. Make usage of the color touchscreen to do all the printer’s functionalities and to manage all the printer tasks. HP Officejet Printer hp Officejet 6500 printer installation setup gives high-quality printing and also has long-lasting battery life.

123 HP OfficeJet 6500 Printer Specification

The HP OfficeJet printer series provides a smooth output and gives a good quality output with HP Office Jet 6500 printer’s touchscreen control panel. HP Officejet printer hp Officejet 6500 printer installation setup came along with a wireless network connection and input & output paper plate. It also helps many advanced technologies such as ePrint, WPS, and so on. Black and color graphics have an Instant ink support service.

Doing your smartphones, tablets, and laptops you can simply access your HP Officejet printer series. hp Officejet 6500 printer installation setup is an All-in-One Printer so it generally gives all types of primary functionalities. It enables users to print two sides together by the duplex printing process and automatic page feeder. It also has an easy installation and setup method and also gives high-quality printing results.

HP Officejet printers have some disadvantages, it is not perfect for large-scale business goals since its printing speed is very low compared to other printers. HP Officejet printer series needs more time to react to the user’s request and the paper plate is not very easy. There are more chances of software and hardware problems while utilizing the printer, It is also difficult for ePrint and AirPrint setup as these setup methods are a little difficult. The internet connection error may also happen at unexpected times.

123 HP Officejet 6500 setup

  • Get the hp Officejet 6500 printer installation setup out of its package and remove all the undesired strips, stickers, and other printing materials.
  • Install the power connection by utilizing the power cord, connect one edge of the power cord to the back end of your printer and connect another edge of the power cord to the power outlet.
  • Switch on your HP Office Jet printer series and installed the printer choices on the printer’s control panel. Utility printer’s control touches show to set the language, date& time and to set the country/region. Lastly, select Yes to confirm the option that you have made.
  • Pick open the input tray door and increase the paper plate towards you. Move the A4 size paper width guide to the outside place with the print side in the downward direction.
  • Open the ink cartridge access door and take the ink cartridges out of their package. Get usage of the ink cartridge that comes with the printer package.
  • Do not initiate communication with the copper-colored communications or the ink nozzles and you should not replace the shielding strips of the communications.
  • Raise open the cartridge slot and accurately place the ink cartridges in their defined slots. Close the ink cartridge door after installing the cartridges in their defined position.
  • Get used to the instruction of the page to begin the ink arrangement method. Lift open the scanner cover and accurately place the scanner cover print side down in the scanner glass by utilizing the instruction marked on the glass.
  • Lastly, after the ink cartridge arrangement method, close the scanner cover and press OK in the hp Officejet 6500 driver download printer’s control panel. You can get the newest suitable software based on your device’s OS version for your HP Officejet printer series.

123 HP Officejet 6500 wireless Setup

Ensure that you have all the following requirements SSID and network password. When the printer is set up, assure that you do not use a USB cable and Ethernet cable. The printer and PC should be switched on and the PC and printer should share the same wireless network. Printer Power status is to be on and it is recommended to use broadband internet access.

You can also download the newest version of the printing software of the HP Office Jet printer series from the HP Officejet 6500 driver download. Hold on to the on-screen guidance to install the printer software. Choose the wireless icon from the settings icon of the printer’s control panel. You can simply connect your printer to the wireless network by utilizing the wireless icon.

Since it is an All-in-One printer, you can perform primary printing functions by utilizing the printer’s control panel.

Download HP Officejet 6500 Printer Driver

The perfect choice for your small and large-scale business environment at a lesser cost is the hp Officejet 6600 driver series. While the small device will help you to find it anywhere you want. Both the print quality and the speed of the print are awesome. You don’t need to miss out on these characteristics.

If you have any problem with the hp Officejet 6600 driver, you want to update your printer driver to sort them out. Then, Find a few methods to download and install the hp officejet 6600 software. Tag along the below-provided starts to download and install the driver fruitfully.

Driver Download

Initially, Open any web browser and type officejet 6600 software downloads in the search box. You can make do with any browser such as Google Chrome, Mozilla, or any other browser and the browser you are utilizing will never stop HP from giving quality services.

You will see a list of search results for your question. Select the primary option that comes into view. You can also type the URL https://support.hp.com or hp Officejet 6600 driver and you will be heading to the HP website.

Type your printer model number on the webpage. You will be directed to the product home page. Choose the hp officejet 6600 software tab on the left side. Snap the Go button. The OS will be identified without human interference. You can also alter the OS by snapping on the Change button. Snap the change button once more to save it when you complete it.

You have two options for the driver download. One is the full characteristic download which consists of the driver and the entire objects that come with the hp Officejet 6600 driver. If you are not concerned about downloading the full characteristic driver, you can go for the primary driver alone. HP lets you download a used diagnostic tool that helps you to troubleshoot your printer problem by analyzing the problems in your printer automatically.

Snap the download button to get the full characteristic software and drivers for your hp officejet 6600 software. You can download the primary driver as well if you do not require the full characteristic download. Follow the directives on the screen to install it correctly when the download is over and completed.

The installation embarks with the adjustments and settings. The verify box in the Installation and Adjustment and a Settings dialog box should be clear to shift to the next step.

A dialog box appears to attach the USB cable to the officejet 6600 software and PC. You can also take on the installation without connecting the USB cable.

To hook up the hp printer, start screen and launch the HP printer driver on your Windows PC. Snap the Uses menuPrinter setup & software. Remove the setup by following the on-screen guidance.

Download driver for hp Officejet 6500 – windows

  • There should be a constant connection between the hp Officejet 6500 driver download printer and the electric board for the course of the power supply.
  • Choose the favored network for taking the premium printing with an easy setup.
  • For installing the hp Officejet 6500 driver download the search for printer setup on the website page goes 123.hp.com setup driver.
  • To know the list of driver setups available, snap on the Driver and software option seen on the driver setup webpage.
  • After the choice of the driver, snap on the Download option for downloading plans.
  • Once downloading is over, attempt installing with the help of the guidance mentioned here.

Download driver for hp Officejet 6500 – mac

  • To tap start, the printer should have a connection with the electric board for the right power supply.
  • Find a correct and constant network connection.
  • Have the right printer setup for downloading the driver on the webpage.
  • Click on the Driver and software choice to get the list of driver setups below the driver site.
  • Suppose the hp Officejet 6500 driver download driver setup is not now, by hand try the keyword name.
  • After this, hit the download choice from the Driver download.
  • For better results use the USB cables. For hp Officejet 6500 driver download go hp 6500 wireless.

HP Officejet 6500 CD/DVD Driver download

HP Officejet 6500 CD/DVD Driver Installation method in which users tend to select to install the HP Officejet 6500 driver download using CD, is presently used to make our work much simpler. This CD system can be feasible for both Windows as well as mac.

HP Officejet 6500 CD/DVD Driver Installation for Windows

  • The installation of the CD can occur by following the method given here.
  • The Driver attempt to understand whether the printer setup is physically connected or not, before the installation of the CD.
  • If that is not occurring, easily take the USB cord from the packaging box and plugin within the hp Officejet 6500 driver download devices.
  • Get out the CD installation from the parcel; check it with care so it does not hold any grazes on the CD.
  • Click on the AutoPlay button to insert the CD into the CD driver of your window device.
  • Assure that you locate the file on the C drive.

HP Officejet 6500 CD/DVD Driver Installation for Mac

  • The hp Officejet 6500 CD/DVD installation is the first step in the printer setup method and follows the method.
  • Do the usage of the driver installer CD present and crisscross it with the Mac processor.
  • From the setting choice ready there, choose an AutoPlay choice to install the hp Officejet 6500 driver download CD driver.
  • In the need of installation notification, navigate to the CD driver from its position and copy the setup.
  • On the useful storage space copy and paste the printer setup.
  • After this double click on it to finish the installation method.

How to Download HP OfficeJet, 4650 Printer Driver, on Windows 10

Here are the most helpful ways to download, install, and update HP OfficeJet 4650 series drivers, on Windows 10 computers.

Way 1: Download HP OfficeJet 4650 Driver from Official HP Website (Manual)

One process of downloading and installing the HP Officejet 6500 driver series printer driver manually is through HP’s official website. Follow the steps shared here to do it.

  • First of all, go to the real Software and Drivers support page of HP.
  • Next, select the “Printer” category.
  • Presently, type your product name i.e., HP OfficeJet 4650 in the search box and snap on the Submit button.
  • Presently, verify whether the found OS is right or not. Snap-on the “Select a different OS” choice in case the find OS is incorrect.
  • Then, choose a proper hp Officejet 6500 driver setup file and tap on the “Download” button ready next to it.
  • Double-tap on the file (.exe) you’ve just downloaded and follow the on-screen guidance to install the newest HP Officejet 4650 driver update on your computer.
  • Finally, restart your PC.

Way 2: Download HP OfficeJet 4650 Printer Driver via Device Manager (Manual)

You can also manually download, install, and update the hp Officejet 6500 driver software by the Windows Device Manager tool. Here are the steps to do it.

  • Right-snap on the Start button or Windows icon and select the “Device Manager” choice from the pop-up menu.
  • Presently, develop the ‘Print file’ or ‘Printers’ branch placed in the Device Manager.
  • Find and right-snap on hp Officejet 6500 driver device and select the “Update Driver Software” choice from the context menu.
  • Then, select the “Search automatically for updated driver software” choice.
  • Presently Windows will begin searching for the new driver for your printer.
  • After updating, reboot your PC.

Way 3: Use Bit Driver Updater for HP OfficeJet 4650 Driver Download Windows 10 (Automatic)

If you don’t have sufficient time or general computer skills to update the driver for HP OfficeJet 4650 printer, you can, alternatively, do it automatically by utilizing a competent user, such as Bit Driver Updater. With this nifty software, you can effortlessly scan, download, install and update all Windows drivers at once in just a few simple taps. Here is how you can do it to download hp Officejet 6500 driver and update it.

  • First of all, make the software by tapping on the button given here.
  • After successfully installing it on your device, open it and snap the “Scan Drivers” button. The software will then scan your whole PC and give you a list of problems related to devising drivers.
  • After you get the list, click on the “Update Now” button placed next to your hp Officejet 6500 driver to automatically install the right newest version of its driver.